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Nukes Might've Been On Destroyed Russian Warship
Oh, Ship History's most twisted round of "which of these things do not belong" is playing out on the floor of the Black Sea this week because Russia may have lost nuclear weapons when its warship sank there. Earlier this week reports that a Russian ship had been destroyed circulated in media outlets, followed by President Vladimir Putin's laughable attempt to cover it up . It seems most people in


Vaccines are no match for long Covid. Treating it is science's next great challenge | Danny Altmann
Failure to recognise the need for a response could be a blunder we rue for decades to come Whatever your standpoint on whether the pandemic is over, or what "living with the virus" should mean, it is clear some manifestation of Covid-19 will be with us for some time to come. Not least for the estimated 1.7 million people in the UK living with long Covid. And lest any who made a full and rapid rec
Hologram Doctors Visit Space Station For The First Time Ever
Holo-delic Things are getting more and more like "Star Trek" every day. As NASA noted in a press release , a hologram medical team were "holoported" aboard the International Space Station late last year, making them the first people to have their 3D likenesses projected into outer space using technology from Microsoft and a startup called AEXA Aerospace. "This is completely new manner of human co
The Danger More Republicans Should Be Talking About
T he day after Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia governor's race last November, a Wall Street Journal headline declared : "Youngkin Makes the GOP the Parents' Party." Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio exulted in this new party line on Twitter : "The Republican Party is the party of parents." Polling data showed this new branding to be as misleading as the GOP's framing of critical race theory. In a
How archery was vital to the survival of early humans
Remains found in the Rhône Valley, dating back 54,000 years, are earliest discovered outside Africa It is a weapon whose effectiveness was overtaken centuries ago by the gun and rifle. Yet the bow and arrow may deserve a prize place in the history of our species, say scientists. They believe archery could have been critical to Homo sapiens ' conquest of the planet, helping modern humans emerge fr
Why People in Locked Down Shanghai Are Screaming Out Their Windows
Alarming videos spreading on social media show residents in Shanghai, China, screaming in apparent protest from their balconies and urban high-rise homes. The ultimate context of the cacophonic videos remains somewhat hazy — remember when people were screaming out their windows in camaraderie during the early days of the pandemic? — but, according to translated dialogue from the clips, it's likel
When a Comic's Silence Says Everything
In his latest special, Rothaniel , the comedian Jerrod Carmichael doesn't seem all that interested in getting his audience to laugh—or even in being the star. Rather than emerge from a dressing room backstage, he wanders into New York City's Blue Note Jazz Club as if he were just passing by, shrugging off his winter coat without fanfare. He takes a seat in a folding chair and grabs a mic, but he
Dr Suzie Sheehy: 'The eureka moment may come once in your career, or never'
The Australian physicist on why research is an investment, forgotten female scientists, and the impact of the Ukraine war on science Born in Australia in 1984, Dr Suzie Sheehy is an accelerator physicist who runs research groups at the universities of Oxford and Melbourne, where she is developing new particle accelerators for applications in medicine. As a science communicator, she received the L
The SpaceX Tourists Can't Leave the Space Station Quite Yet, NASA Says
Homeward Bound The crew on board SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft are currently docked at the International Space Station and will have to wait a couple of extra days before coming home to Earth. Earlier this month NASA posted a schedule for Axiom Mission 1 (Ax-1), the first all-private space flight crew. The four were originally set to spend around 10 days at the ISS, according to that previous r
After my sister died I didn't know what to do with my furious pain – but poets and horses led the way
I was heartbroken and angry but horse riding and medieval poetry revealed the quest I was on This April, I will be older than my elder sister Nell. She died of cancer in December 2019. She was 46 when she died, two years older than me. This year I will be 47. Nell will always be 46. Writing "Nell died" still disturbs me as it did in the months after her death. She was my older sister. She wasn't
Tesla Racism Payout Lowered by Almost 90 Percent
Profound Racism A judge has sided with Tesla and slashed by almost 90 percent the electric vehicle maker's payout to a former employee who had previously been awarded $137 million for racist treatment he experienced at the automaker. In a ruling out of a California circuit court , a federal judge lowered former Tesla elevator operator Oscar Diaz's racial discrimination payout from that sum, award
Best Laptop Cooling Pads in 2022
The best laptop cooling pads are great for gaming, but these computer accessories also have a host of other uses. Laptops are true feats of engineering, cramming powerful processors, RAM, a sound card, connections, and sometimes even a powerful dedicated graphics card into a slim body that only has so much room for vents. When you put all these components to work running demanding software like A
This Week's Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through April 16)
COMPUTING How Apple's Monster M1 Ultra Chip Keeps Moore's Law Alive Will Knight | Wired "Apple's most powerful chip to date has 114 billion transistors packed into over a hundred processing cores dedicated to logic, graphics, and artificial intelligence, all of it connected to 128 gigabytes of shared memory. But the M1 Ultra is in fact a Frankenstein's monster, consisting of two identical M1 Max
The Wash Plant Is Leaving Gold Behind! | Hoffman Family Gold
Stream Hoffman Family Gold on discovery+ ► #HoffmanFamilyGold #ToddHoffman #Discovery Subscribe to Discovery: Follow Us on TikTok: We're on Instagram! Join Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitt
Weekend reads: White academic's book about Black feminism pulled; retraction notices as a genre; forget the scientific paper?
Would you consider a donation to support Weekend Reads, and our daily work? Thanks in advance. The week at Retraction Watch featured: Misconduct, failure to supervise earn researchers years-long funding bans Is a "Wall of Shame" a good idea for journals? Researchers in China send a hospital "declaration" clearing them of fraud. A journal doesn't buy … Continue reading
Clinical trials: how taking the pills may pay those bills
Volunteering to test new treatments can net up to £7,000 – enough to help offset the cost of living rise Fancy a relaxing two-week getaway where you get your travel expenses paid, plus your own en suite room with all mod cons including a TV, PlayStation games console and free wifi? What's more, it won't cost you anything – in fact, they are so keen for you to come that you'll be paid £4,200. If t

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