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NASA's Tests of Its Mega Moon Rocket Aren't Not Going Particularly Well
Mega Rocket, Mega Problems NASA has been testing the unmanned Space Launch System (SLS) rocket it's sending to the Moon and ran into a few problems . A space agency press release said the most recent wet dress rehearsal didn't go according to plan because of a liquid hydrogen leak. A report Gizmodo published Friday explains the problem in more detail and said this was supposed to the third test.
Oldest Fossils Yet Suggest Life on Earth Began Much Earlier Than We Thought
On an outcrop of exposed volcanic and sedimentary rock on the eastern shores of Hudson Bay in northern Quebec, researchers have unearthed what may be the earliest fossilized life forms ever discovered. These microbial ancestors lived between 3.75 and 4.28 billion years ago, only 300 million years after the Earth formed—a blink of an eye in geologic timescales. If life developed this rapidly on Ea


Frans de Waal: 'In other primates, I don't find the kind of intolerance we have'
What can the behaviour of apes teach us about sex and gender? A great deal, according to a new book by primatologist Frans de Waal – and his findings are already stirring controversy Sex and gender have come to represent one of the hottest fronts in the modern culture wars. Now, on to this bloody battlefield, calmly dodging banned books , anti-transgender laws and political doublespeak , strolls
Plants hold key to developing future cancer treatments
Scientists say the natural world has an important role to play in creating new drugs to fight the disease Cancer care relies on complex therapies involving radioactive materials and sophisticated drugs and has come far from past remedies based on plants and herbs. However, scientists warn there is still a need to understand the botanical roots of tumour treatments – to maintain new sources of dru
Internet Aghast at AI Facial Recognition Used to Identify Dead Russian Soldiers
Yesterday news broke that Ukrainian officials are using AI facial recognition software to identify deceased Russian soldiers left behind on the battlefield and sending photos of their bodies to mothers and families. It's an apparent attempt to cut through all the misinformation Russian state media and President Vladimir Putin are airing , but the grisly photos were still unsettling to many. Washi
Billionaire Reportedly Running for Office Just to Destroy Elon Musk
Seek and Destroy A billionaire software magnate is coming for Elon Musk's throne. Dan O'Dowd made his fortune after starting Green Hills Software in 1982. The company creates software for embedded devices like electric vehicles and MP3 players. O'Dowd wants to replace EV operating systems like Tesla's and claims Tesla's vehicles aren't safe on social media. " Watch this #FSD @Tesla behaving badly
More Than a Hundred Graduates of a Particular High School Got Rare Cancers
Radioactive soil may have caused more than 100 people who graduated from the same high school to be diagnosed with rare cancers, including large brain tumors. A new report published in Fox News yesterday said a New Jersey man collected the stories of at least 102 individuals who've been diagnosed with cancer since attending the same school in the 1990s — including himself. Al Lupiano was diagnose
100% Clean Energy Grid Coming Close in California
Taste It A 100 percent clean energy power grid is tantalizingly close in California. A new Bloomberg report published this wee k said the state came closer than ever to its goal of having a carbon-free grid within 25 years and that it ran off more than 97 percent renewable energy for a short period of time earlier in April. The California Independent System Operator said in a statement that it's
First Poem After Parting
This is what I wanted, isn't it? This house, quiet as sunlight, grass on the other side of these windows fading from gold to green like a woman taking off her makeup. I have waited and waited to hold my grief. Tied her up in garbage bags under clothes I intend to donate, slipped her in the side pockets of suitcases and empty slots between cigarettes in packs I carry always in multiples. I trained
How to Seek Justice for Rape in the War on Ukraine
O n March 13 , a Russian soldier broke into a school in Malaya Rohan, a village near the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, which had been relentlessly attacked by Vladimir Putin's forces for weeks. Locals had congregated in the school's basement for shelter from the violence. What followed, according to an account from a survivor published by Human Rights Watch , is horrifying but bears detailing. The s
A Stanford Psychologist Says He's Cracked the Code of One-Hit Wonders
Sign up for Derek's newsletter here . In September 1992, the band Blind Melon released their self-titled debut album. The record was mostly ignored until a music video for the song "No Rain," featuring a girl in glasses dressed as a bumblebee, went berserk on MTV. The song rocketed up the Billboard Hot 100 charts. But that was the last time the band ever struck gold. Two decades later, Rolling St
Lessons from Covid can start a health revolution, says lab chief
Director of network that processed millions of tests says smart diagnostics could tackle other major diseases Two years of mass Covid testing have paved the way for a revolution in how we diagnose other diseases, the founding director of the Lighthouse labs network has said. In his first interview since the pandemic began, Prof Chris Molloy said that people's familiarity with using swabs for Covi
SNL Really Wants to Say Something About TikTok
Each month, the average TikTok user watches about 24 hours of video. Considering that videos now top out at 10 minutes, that's a bewildering amount of content and reach. TikTok hit 3 billion downloads in July 2021, becoming the first non-Facebook app to do so. As a global vehicle for a wellspring of DIY creators, it has saturated the cultural moment. Saturday Night Live knows this, and it keeps w
MHRA to look into cases of unsafe epilepsy drug being given to pregnant women
Sodium valproate, associated with birth defects, reportedly being prescribed without proper warnings Sodium valproate: what are dangers of epilepsy drug for unborn babies? Regulators will investigate cases where an epilepsy drug that can cause birth defects has been prescribed without proper warnings, in light of reports that pregnant women in the UK are continuing to be given it . Sodium valproa
What does happen to the brain when a person is aroused?
I read in some article that when a person is aroused the hypothalamus gets active which in turn causes impaired decision making. Now I am not a science guy but I am heavily interested in knowing how the brain function. So what can a person do to increase mental control over himself when emotions like these are trying to deactivate front part of the brain? submitted by /u/sanketvaria29 [link] [com
I created a virtual teaching assistant to help you with conceptual cognitive science questions! I've spent the last month working with a friend on a conversational "teaching assistant" that helps you work through questions you may encounter while reading a textbook, taking notes, or watching a course. It goes pretty deep with concepts, so I've found it helpful for developing a conceptual understanding of a lot of cognitive science concepts. I hope it is helpful!
Best Digital Art Software in 2022
Lush jungle scenes with painterly animation, photo collages that montage into smooth dreamscapes, VR-activated digital painting on the street: We've all seen what the best digital art software is capable of. It equips you with the tools to harness your computer's power to create. The works you can create with digital art software are endless. With so many creation tools out there it's an exciting
1932: Den Polytekniske Læreanstalt udvider i Øster Voldgade
En centralgard bliver det indre trafikale bindeled mellem de enkelte afdelinger i den nye bygning, der vil give en stor udvidelse af den gamle læreanstalt ved Sølvtorvet. Men sammenlignet med tekniske højskoler i udlandet er fordringerne på ingen måde for store, skrev professor P. O. Pedersen i I…
2022 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #15
Listing of articles linked to on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week: Sun, April 10, 2022 through Sat, April 16, 2022. The following articles sparked above average interest during the week (bolded articles are from SkS authors): Wind Power Surpasses Coal, Nuclear as Power Generation Source in US , Could high-flying kites power your home , The Ocean Is Having Trouble Breathing
Relationer viktig väg ur ätstörningar
Att ha någon att prata med kan hjälpa till i tillfrisknandet från ätstörningar – för proffsboxaren Anthony Yigit var det både hans flickvän och hans tränare. – Jag förstår i efterhand att jag verkligen skrämt upp dem, säger han i dokumentärserien Ätstört.

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