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Hooray! The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Has Become a Thriving Ecosystem, Scientists Say
As elite distance swimmer Ben Lecomte approached the edge of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch , he started finding more and more of something unexpected — a lot of life. Many of Lecomte's findings were captured and examined by researchers from multiple universities around the world in a yet-to-be-peer-reviewed paper published Friday , and co-author Rebecca Helm of the University of North Carolina


Elon Musk Warns Against Specific Prescription Drugs
Elon Musk seems to be taking a page from the early-aughts anti-drug program everyone loves to hate — DARE. The group's slogan, "Just Say No," would've been a fitting tagline for the Tesla CEO's recent series of tweets telling users not to trust several prescription drugs that treat serious mental health concerns. The SpaceX founder and billionaire, who is currently trying to purchase the entirety
How to rebuild a life after the death of a partner
Losing someone you love dearly is devastating, but the bond couples shared in life is vital to those who live on The threat of death is more present in our national unconscious than it has been for decades. A killer virus and a sudden violent invasion in Europe have shaken our sense of safety. A safety that many of us took for granted. The horrific scale of deaths in Ukraine is only just beginnin
'We Can Only Be Enemies'
W hen the Russian army first began shelling Lukashivka, a village in northern Ukraine, dozens of residents fled to the Horbonos family's cellar. Children, pregnant women, bedridden pensioners, and the Horbonoses themselves headed down below the family's peach orchard and vegetable patches, and waited. For 10 days, they listened as shells whistled and crashed above several times an hour. The attac
Scientists Invent Weird Device to Simulate Kissing in VR
On the Kisser Pucker up baby, because researchers from Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute, aka the Future Interfaces Group or FIG, figured out how to make users feel sensations on their lips, teeth and tongue in virtual reality. They released video footage of their research as well as a text report this week. FIG modified a purchased virtual reality headset to outpu
Scientists: It's As If Something With Huge "Fingernails" Scratched the Surface of Mars
Tantalizing Tidbits Scientists at the European Space Agency are getting all mythological on us. The ESA posted new photos of Mars' surface features captured by the Mars Express this week, describing them as looking "as if someone has raked their fingernails across the surface of the Red Planet, gouging out lengthy trenches as they did so." Rather than a monster's creation, though, the ESA said in
Catch a failing star: the tense wait for a supernova
Astronomers are hoping to witness the self-destruction of a star, which could help shed light on the creation of matter in our galaxy If Stephen Smartt gets lucky, he may one day receive a message that will give the astrophysicist an advance warning that one of the most extraordinary displays known to science is about to light up the night sky. Signals relayed by automated telescope arrays and un
Elon Musk Is Feuding With [Checks Notes] AOC
Got Beef? What do Bill Gates , Elizabeth Warren , Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nikola Motors have in common? Why, beef with Elon Musk of course! The billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX who is currently trying to purchase the entirety of Twitter kicked up a new kerfuffle yesterday when he assumed Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez subtweeted him — the online equivalent of talking about somebo
Scientists Find Giant Tooth
Big Find Scientists have unearthed fossils from three huge new ichthyosaurs including one tooth so big, it outguns other fossilized teeth from the same species of dinosaur and could rewrite what we know about prehistoric evolution. As detailed in a new study published Thursday in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology , a team of European researchers recovered the fossils from the Kössen Formatio
Freezing Weather Forces Todd to Make Changes | Hoffman Family Gold
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This Week's Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through April 30)
COMPUTING This Two-Inch Diamond Disc Could Hold a Staggering Billion Blu-Ray's Worth of Data Andrew Liszewski | Gizmodo "Using quantum memory techniques, it's estimated that a two-inch diamond wafer will have enough data density to store the equivalent of one billion Blu-Ray discs worth of data, or roughly 25 exabytes. That's staggering, and could theoretically solve the world's data storage need
We're All Going to the World's Fair Takes On the Horror of Internet Echo Chambers
Cinemas are pretty much always the best way to watch a movie. The darkened screening room is the ideal place to immerse yourself, distraction-free, in a film's sound and visuals. That'd be a fine setting for Jane Schoenbrun's We're All Going to the World's Fair , a tale of online alienation that debuted at 2021's Sundance Film Festival and hit theaters and some streaming services this month. But
In Epic Revenge, Bats Infect Ozzy Osbourne
Sometimes the future is what happens when the past comes back to bite you in the ass after 40 years. In concerning news, 73-year-old rocker Ozzy Osbourne tested positive for COVID-19 this week, meaning the Black Sabbath frontman and self-styled devil worshipper who once accidentally bit the head off a live bat on stage is now infected with a virus that some experts say may have originated in bats
Så ska katten bli allergifri
En allergifri katt – det kan kanske bli verklighet i framtiden. Det tror i alla fall forskare i USA som nu har klippt bort en gen i kattens DNA vilket ska göra katten mindre allergiframkallande. Spela videon för att få veta hur det ska gå till.
Brave Volunteer Drinks "Dysentery Smoothie" to Give Himself "Life-Threatening Diarrhea"
If all goes well, you won't have died of dysentery — unlike in the dysentery-loving Oregon Trail video game — because a brave volunteer took one for the team and tested out a vaccine for the bacteria that kills hundreds of thousands each year. Jake Eberts drank about a shot glass' worth of shigella bacteria, which causes the excruciating illness, earlier in April. He spent more than a week at an
And How Do These Books Make You Feel?
Janet Malcolm once wrote that psychoanalysis requires the analyst and the patient to wrestle with an arrangement whose "radical unlikeness to any other human relationship" is dizzying for both parties involved. They consent to meet alone at the same time and place every week. Their mostly one-sided and confidential conversation is often staged with painstakingly positioned props: the couch, where
Best Apple Watch Bands of 2022
Living with a miniaturized computer on your wrist can be a profound experience with connectivity, and with the best Apple Watch bands, your iWatch stays snug where it's meant to be. The best will turn your Apple Watch into an accessory that enhances your aesthetic, and will style nicely with your wardrobe. These wristbands run the gamut of styles and materials: some are made with woven nylon, oth
1883: Sådan foregår produktionen på Nakskovs nye sukkerfabrik
Dyrkning af sukkerroer kan få stor betydning for agerbrugets fremme, og på Lolland har De Danske Sukkerfabrikker anlagt saftstationer, hvorfra roesaften pumpes til hovedfabrikken i Nakskov. I Den Tekniske Forenings Tidsskrift gennemgik ingeniør H. Hammerich detaljeret produktionsprocessen.
Blasting Out Earth's Location in Hopes of Reaching Aliens Is Controversial—Two Teams of Scientists Are Doing It Anyway
If a person is lost in the wilderness, they have two options. They can search for civilization, or they could make themselves easy to spot by building a fire or writing HELP in big letters. For scientists interested in the question of whether intelligent aliens exist, the options are much the same. For over 70 years, astronomers have been scanning for radio or optical signals from other civilizat
Best Garmin Watches of 2022
The best Garmin watches grace the arms of professional and amateur athletes alike. The company packs a wide range of health sensors into their smartwatches to optimize the wearer's training efforts. Models track your runs, let you pre-plan your route, and offer cues as you go with detailed maps. And Garmins keep tabs on far more than your heartbeat and steps, measuring cadence and blood oxygen le
Mark and Digger Stopped by Police While Moving $40,000 of Liquor! | Moonshiners
Stream Moonshiners on discovery+ ► #Moonshiners #Moonshine #DiscoveryChannel Subscribe to Discovery: Follow Us on TikTok: We're on Instagram! Join Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Fro
Why I Left the Garden
After I lost my breast, I became a woman sutured by a kind of knowledge. All day I moved as if walking was no different from falling. I owned the potholes and the riddled sky. I owned nothing at all. Even from far away, I could hear the record skipping. Time was running out of hands. Of faces. The first time a lover traced my scar, fingered its river and kissed its groove, I woke early the next m
Nostalgia and Its Analgesia
"Nostalgia is a sentiment of loss and displacement, but it is also a romance with one's own fantasy. Nostalgic love can only survive in a long-distance relationship. A cinematic image of nostalgia is a double exposure, or a superimposition of two images—of home and abroad, of past and present, of dream and everyday life. The moment we try to force it into a single image, it breaks the frame or bu
2022 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #17
Listing of articles linked to on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week: Sun, April 24, 2022 through Sat, April 30, 2022. The following articles sparked above average interest during the week (bolded articles are from SkS authors): Skeptical Science New Research for Week #17 2022 , Newsmax using climate change outrage to lure paid newsletter subscribers , What Explains the Catac
Astroide passerer nær Jorden i 2029: Nasa forlænger rummission for et visit på småplaneten
PLUS. Den amerikanske rumadministration har besluttet at fortsætte en række rummissioner på opsendte rumfartøjer, skriver Nasa i et blog-indlæg. Hovedparten af de i alt otte forlængede rummissioner får lagt tre år til deres 'levetid', med undtagelse af InSight, som kun lever året ud. OSIRIS-REx skal omvendt forblive i aktion i hele ni år mere, idet rummissionen skal undersøge asteroiden Apophis, n
Psykolog: Då lär barn sig att dansa i takt
Psykologen Laura Cirell försöker i sin forskning ta reda på hur barn i olika åldrar rör sig till musik. Hon spelar bland annat hiten "Baby shark" i olika snabba tempon för att se hur småbarn reagerar. – När barn är mellan fem till 14 månader gamla så börjar de röra sig när de hör musik, Laura Cirell, experimentell psykolog.
Best 43-Inch TVs of 2022
The best 43-inch TVs are a good choice for a shared set-up, but are also small enough for private use in the bedroom. You can curl up in bed with your partner to enjoy the newest romantic comedy or retreat to play a favorite video game after a long day at work. Regardless of how you use your TV, it's important to learn more about the resolution, refresh rate, panel technology, and dimensions befo
Best Metal Detectors for Gold in 2022
Finding gold: few words conjures up more excitement, and it may be possible with one of the best metal detectors. OK, in the real world it's unlikely that gold prospecting will make you rich, but valuable gold nuggets and flakes are often found not far below the surface. Metal detecting for gold can be a lucrative hobby, and might also take you to some fascinating places. Choosing the right metal

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