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Jupiter is coming its closest to Earth in decades
Jupiter will be some 367 million miles from Earth on Monday, the closest it's been since 1963. It coincides with Jupiter being on the opposite side of Earth from the sun — when it'll be its brightest. (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Kevin M. Gill)


Watching the detections
The detection and the attribution of climate change are based on fundamentally different frameworks and shouldn't be conflated. We read about and use the phrase 'detection and attribution' of climate change so often that it seems like it's just one word 'detectionandattribution' and that might lead some to think that it is just one concept. But it's not. Formally, the IPCC definitions are relativ
Target Venus not Mars for first crewed mission to another planet, experts say
Despite its 'hellish' environment, scientists argue there are good reasons to focus on 'Earth's sister' With a surface hot enough to melt lead, crushing atmospheric pressure and clouds of sulphuric acid, Venus might not sound like the most enticing destination for human exploration. But a group of experts are advocating that our other nearest neighbour, rather than Mars, should be the initial tar
The CDC Is Begging Americans to Protect Themselves From STIs
The CDC's biannual STD Prevention Conference is underway, and it sounds like this year's sexiest government seminar has taken a dire tone: sexually transmitted infection rates in the US are alarming high, and top public health experts are sounding the alarms. According to the CDC, preliminary data from 2021 revealed that in that year alone, there were at least 2.5 million reported cases of chlamy
Inventor of Cyborg Cockroach Says It Will Only Be Used for Good
Bug Out Worried about cyber-bugs taking over the planet? An inventor behind the headline-grabbing cyborg cockroaches unveiled earlier this month say the enhanced insects are there to do good. In a new interview with Reuters , Kenjiro Fukuda of the Riken research institute's Thin-Film Device Laboratory explained the use cases he and his team are dreaming up for their remote-controlled Madagascar h
Virus Modified to Kill Cancer Cells Appears to Have Saved a Patient's Life
Cancers and viruses: why not pit two of our biggest biological foes against each other? Scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust used a drug made from a genetically modified form of herpes simplex — the cold sore virus — to attack tumors in cancer patients' bodies, developing a cutting-edge form of cancer therapy in the process. While experts cauti
Instagram Working on AI to Block Unsolicited D**k Pics
Filtered Years too late, the company formerly known as Facebook has finally begun work on an algorithm to block unsolicited nude photos. In a statement given to The Verge , Meta Platforms confirmed that it's working on optional user controls which will help filter out unsolicited images and messages. There are many types of those, of course, but one of the most pervasive are almost certainly sent
Giving Baby Mice This Drug Makes Them Live 10 Percent Longer
Excellent news for mice everywhere! Scientists have confirmed that administering the drug rapamycin to baby mice everyday for the first 45 days of their lives extends life expectancy by an average 10 percent. Rapamycin is nothing new. The immunosuppressive drug is already used in clinical settings to facilitate organ transplants, and is even used to treat certain cancers. But this study, publishe
23andMe DNA Test Kit Review
We tested out the 23andMe DNA Test Kit, from receiving the test tube to the receipt of the full results ⁠— here's what we found along the way
Asian coastal cities sinking fast: study
Sprawling coastal cities in South and Southeast Asia are sinking faster than elsewhere in the world, leaving tens of millions of people more vulnerable to rising sea levels, a new study says.
Parker Hits Big Gold Despite a Near Crisis | Gold Rush: Parker's Trail
Stream Gold Rush: Parker's Trail on discovery+ ▶︎ #GoldRush #discovery #ParkersTrail Subscribe to Discovery: Follow Us on TikTok: We're on Instagram! Join Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitt
The Tech That Will Push VR to the Limits of the Human Eye
Big tech is eager to get us excited about the coming of the metaverse , but today's virtual reality hardware is a long way from meeting their ambitious goals. One of the biggest challenges is building better displays with far more pixels per inch, but experts say new materials and designs are on the way. Silicon Valley is betting billions of dollars that the i nternet is about to undergo its bigg
Growing Old Online
Millennials, the first generation to be online as kids, are starting to feel like we've aged out. Is there a way to age gracefully on the internet?
Is there another way of learning?
This is a 15-minute video or you can search it on YouTube called "Another way of learning | J. Krishnamurti" I'm really curious if anyone thinks this is even possible regarding what he is talking about here. If you're interested, and hopefully some are, you will need to watch the full video, as explaining it here would be too difficult. Do you see any sense in what he is saying? submitted by /u/w
The failed insults of humanity – on the sofa with Freud
The #failed #insults of #humanity – on the sofa with #Freud "Take a seat on the sofa and make yourself comfortable, Dr. Freud is coming to you in a mom ent. " "The failed offense – why the #neurosciences have barely changed our #view of #man, despite all prophecies of doom" The guest contribution "The failed offense – why the neurosciences have hardly changed our image of man despite all propheci
Red Bathrobe
You're standing in the doorway in my red bathrobe, one arm stretched out into the sun, a cigarette burning at the tip. You're leaning on the jamb, talking about ghosts or contrails, the loneliness of Tony Soprano, the compound eye of the housefly. And so, Beloved, I can't tell you it's useless— despite your intentions, the smoke billows in. I ruined it between us. Oh, you helped—I admit that. But
Six Books That Music Lovers Should Read
Music, of all art forms, is uniquely tied up with memory. It's stitched into the fabric of daily life: Think about the mixtape you made for your first crush, the pop star whose posters were plastered in your teenage bedroom, the album that got you through your divorce, the jam band whose tour you followed across the country. All provide tantalizing insights into your past—and present—selves. It's
What Many Progressives Misunderstand About Fighting Climate Change
Since the 1960s, fighting for the environment has frequently meant fighting against corporations. To curb pollution, activists have worked to thwart new oil drilling , coal-fired power plants, fracking for natural gas , and fuel pipelines. But today, Americans face a climate challenge that can't be solved by just saying no again and again. Decarbonizing the economy will require an unprecedented a
HRT: inside the complex global supply chain behind a $20bn market
As demand for menopause drugs soars, we trace the oestrogen production line from Chinese soya bean fields to European pharmacy shelves In the centre of the factory stand 31 reactors: giant metal globes that can hold up to 10,000 litres of liquid each. Every week, gleaming stainless steel drums arrive by truck at this plant on the outskirts of Oss, in the Netherlands. Their contents are poured int
Super Typhoon Noru barrels towards Philippines
A super typhoon charged towards the Philippines Sunday and was on track to slam into the heavily populated main island of Luzon, forcing the evacuations of vulnerable communities on the coast and in Manila, authorities said.
Three Conversations With Donald Trump
"Can you believe these are my customers?" Donald Trump once asked while surveying the crowd in the Taj Mahal casino's poker room. "Look at those losers," he said to his consultant Tom O'Neil, of people spending money on the floor of the Trump Plaza casino. Visiting the Iowa State Fair as a presidential candidate in 2015, he was astounded that locals fell in line to support him because of a few fr
Nasa's Dart probe to smash into asteroid in first Earth defence test
Aim is to see whether space rocks can be deflected should one threaten humans with same fate as dinosaurs Most mission scientists would wince at the thought of their spacecraft being smashed to smithereens. But for those behind Nasa's Dart probe, anything short of total destruction will be chalked up as a failure. The $330m (£300m) spacecraft is due to slam head-on into an asteroid about 11m kilo
2022 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #38
A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week: Sun, Sep 18, 2022 thu Sat, Sep 24, 2022. Story of the Week Tipping points: How could they shape the world's response to climate change? The Larsen Ice Shelf is situated along the northeastern coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, one of the fastest-warming places on the planet. In the past thr
Forskningen som visar varför vissa låtar blir hits – medan andra floppar
Anledningen till att vissa låtar blir världshits och andra jättefloppar beror enligt forskare på annat än musikens kvalitet. Till stor del påverkas vi av vad andra redan lyssnat på eller laddat ned. – Om en låt har någon kvalitet som gör den framgångsrik, så borde den bli lika lyssnad på och nedladdad i alla grupper. Men motsatsen visade sig vara sant, säger Duncan Watts, professor i sociologi.
Help finding resources for in person psychology classes for someone who works full time
I understand that there are many other ways to learn , I've tried online psych classes but they haven't worked for me so I want to try in person. Edit : Sorry , this was more than a bit vague. I have tried a lot of the regular stuff, googling, looking into courses locally I guess I was hoping that there are other people who have come to psychology later in life who would have some pointers or sug
Nasa delays Artemis 1 moon rocket launch again as tropical storm Ian looms
Third delay in the past month for test flight as technical issues and weather hamper US effort to return to the moon after five decades Nasa is skipping Tuesday's launch attempt of its new moon rocket over concerns about a tropical storm headed to Florida that could become a major hurricane. It's the third delay in the past month for the lunar-orbiting test flight featuring mannequins but no astr
SaaS founders what do you think about this solution?
So we are building LiveGenie a 2-in-1 solution for SaaS founders to increase revenue and reduce customer churn. With live video chat as a core feature you will: Engage with your website visitors on live with screen sharing and conduct live demos instead of waiting for booking and suffering from a high ratio of unattended meetings. Engage with your users for live customer support and with your fre
Asexual relationships need same ingredients as any other relationship
Many asexual individuals, those with little to no sexual attraction, are in long-term satisfying romantic relationships, but there has been little study on how and why they last and thrive. New research found that, despite asexuals' lack of or dislike for sexual attraction, the ingredients that make for a successful relationship among asexual individuals are virtually the same as those in any othe
New research finds that viruses may have 'eyes and ears' on us
New research suggests that viruses are using information from their environment to 'decide' when to sit tight inside their hosts and when to multiply and burst out, killing the host cell. Right now, viruses are exploiting the ability to monitor their environment to their benefit. But in the future, 'we could exploit it to their detriment,' said one of the authors.
Tiny swimming robots treat deadly pneumonia in mice
Engineers have developed microscopic robots, called microrobots, that can swim around in the lungs, deliver medication and be used to clear up life-threatening cases of bacterial pneumonia. In mice, the microrobots safely eliminated pneumonia-causing bacteria in the lungs and resulted in 100% survival. By contrast, untreated mice all died within three days after infection.
An AI message decoder based on bacterial growth patterns
A new encryption method uses simulated bacterial growth based on specific initial conditions to form patterns corresponding to letters. Depending on the initial conditions used, such as nutrient levels and space constraints, bacteria tend to grow in specific ways. Researchers have created a new type of encryption scheme based on how a virtual bacterial colony grows with specific initial conditions
Researchers test a novel hypothesis to explain the cause of autoimmunity in patients with type 1 diabetes
Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease in which the pancreas makes little or no insulin. The details on the events that occur during autoimmune destruction of the pancreatic beta-cells have been studied extensively yet the mystery of what causes autoimmunity is unknown. In a new study, researchers present a testable hypothesis to explain the initiation of autoimmunity. If validated, this w
Tiny swimming robots treat deadly pneumonia in mice
Engineers have developed microscopic robots, called microrobots, that can swim around in the lungs, deliver medication and be used to clear up life-threatening cases of bacterial pneumonia. In mice, the microrobots safely eliminated pneumonia-causing bacteria in the lungs and resulted in 100% survival. By contrast, untreated mice all died within three days after infection.
The Bonfire of the Headscarves
No one can predict how a revolution starts. Nor can anyone know when one injustice will be what causes a people's fury to overcome their fear. In 2011, in Tunisia, a street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, sparked an uprising by setting himself on fire. In 2022, in Iran, the death in police custody of a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, has brought Iranians onto the streets in every corner of the country.

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