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Ancient DNA Recovered From Clay Statues Reveal Secrets Of Mysterious African CultureTucked away in the northern part of the West African nation of Ghana are the remains of a mysterious culture. With no written or oral records of the people

Water Found On One Of The First Exoplanets We Ever DiscoveredBack in 1995, astronomers found the first exoplanet orbiting a star like our Sun. Now, using a novel technique, we’ve detected water in its atmosphere. The

Something Is Destroying Thousands Of Nearby GalaxiesHydrogen gas is the lifeblood of galaxies, which use it to make new stars and stay young. While many processes stop star formation, an international team o

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Scientists Reprogram Skin Cells To Hunt Down And Shrink Brain TumorsBrain cancers can be really tricky to treat. Some, such as glioblastomas, spread roots through the brain tissue, meaning they are often impossible to remov

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This Is What Caused The Most Powerful Explosion In Human HistorySecretly, some madcap volcanologists want to see a supervolcano erupt, just to observe its world-changing effects in real time. Most of us, however, don’t

The Milky Way Is Running Away From An Extragalactic VoidAstronomers have discovered a large void in the universe and it appears that the Milky Way and our neighboring galaxies are running away from it at about 6

Deadly Illness Killing Hundreds Of Children Caused By Eating Too Much Of This FruitEvery year, a mysterious illness strikes the poorer children living in the town of Muzzafarpur, India. Hundreds are admitted to hospital from around mid-Ma

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The Northern Lights Could Soon Only Be Visible From One Place On EarthAccording to a new study, in the next few decades, the Sun might enter an extremely quiet phase like we haven’t seen since the beginning of the 1700s. T

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The European Southern Observatory Just Released One Of The Largest Images They've Ever TakenFind the biggest screen you can, because this image deserves to be seen in its full 2-billion-pixel glory. The image was released by the European Southern

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Remains Of Soft Tissue May Have Been Found Inside A 195-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur RibResearchers think they may have uncovered preserved soft tissue in the remains of a dinosaur that has been dead for 195 million years. The finding suggests

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Scientists Believe They Have Discovered A "Lost Continent"Continents have disappeared throughout Earth’s history at a rather surprising pace. Around 40 million years ago, the formation of the Himalayas forced an e

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Leaked Republican Bill Aims To 'Completely Abolish' The EPAThis is not a drill – a bill has been drafted to “completely abolish” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Penned by freshman GOP lawmaker Matt Gaetz

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Undercover Investigation Reveals The Horrific Trade In Baby ChimpanzeesAfter a year-long investigation, the BBC have uncovered a tragic trafficking network spanning much of west and central Africa, trading in our closest relat

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Another Dolphin Killed By Morons Dragging It From Sea To Take PhotographsOnce again, social media fiends and overbearing tourists appear to have killed a dolphin in Argentina. This event closely mimics scenes from Argentina last

Astronomers Find Evidence That We Are Living In A Holographic UniverseA new study published in Physical Review Letters has shown evidence supporting the idea of a holographic universe that stands up almost as well as the stan

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First Results From NASA's Twins Experiment Surprise ScientistsIn 2015 and 2016, NASA conducted a unique experiment on twin astronauts, where one was monitored while in space and the other was on the ground. Now, the f

This Woman Lived Without Lungs For Six DaysDoctors took a revolutionary and radical step to save the life of a woman losing a battle against a severe infection. In what is thought to be a world firs

First Ever Images Of The Recently Discovered Amazon Coral ReefOur world is still ripe for exploration. Just last year, scientists discovered a previously unknown coral reef located at the mouth of the Amazon River. T

Chimps Beat, Kill, And Eat The Former Leader Of Their Group In Brutal AttackAfter a flurry of screams, teeth, and fur, the old leader lay beaten and dead. Members of the community turned on him, a male chimp known as Foudouko, in a

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Scientists Believe They Have Found Humans’ Oldest Known AncestorTake a look at your distant ancestor. That beauty is the best candidate yet for the earliest ancestor of humans. As small as a speck of sand, it had a bag

Incredible New Images Show Saturn's Rings In Extraordinary DetailThese images might be the closest we’ve ever seen of Saturn’s famous rings, giving scientists an unprecedented chance to observe some of their astronomical

First Ever Fossil Of Trilobite With Eggs Discovered In New YorkTrilobites are well known from an extensive fossil record. Due in part to their massive diversity – and their hard exoskeletons – some 17,000 fossilized sp

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At one end of Trump's revived Keystone XL pipeline, there's a scene you must see to believeOn Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to revive and expedite two multi-billion-dollar underground pipelines that would snake oil thr

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Do You Have A Dark Sense Of Humor? We Have Good News For YouWe recently wrote an article about how a man fell into one of Yellowstone’s many hot springs and completely dissolved within a day. It’s a grim but scienti

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New Method Could Help Us Find Life On Other WorldsPretty soon, we’re probably going to start directly searching for life on nearby worlds like Mars, and maybe Europa. The only problem is, we don’t have a g

LeAundra Jeffs

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Why The Earth’s Magnetic Poles Could Be About To Swap Places – And How It Would affect UsThe Earth’s magnetic field surrounds our planet like an invisible force field – protecting life from harmful solar radiation by deflecting charged particle…/electromagnetic-fields-fact-sheetSynes godt om · · 3. februar kl. 06:16

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Dogs Have Music Preferences, Says StudyIf their music taste is anything to go by, dogs are super chilled. The University of Glasgow has released new research, in partnership with Scotland’s Anim

Ollie Petrie

A Discovery About The Movement Of Tectonic Plates Will Have Scientists Rewriting TextbooksPlate tectonics is the widely accepted theory that the Earth's crust is divided into several sections that float around on the mantle — the mostly solid la

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Giant Pterosaurs Could Have Swallowed A Human WholeWhile many old horror films portray pterosaurs as monstrous reptiles capable of plucking a human from the ground, many palaeontologists have let this slip

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By Age 6 Girls Are More Likely To Think 'Genius' And 'Brilliance' Are Male Traits, Not FemaleIn a “heartbreaking” new study, scientists have discovered that gender stereotypes can start affecting children from as young as six, the age when girls st

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Alien-Looking Organism Trapped In Amber Represents An Entirely New OrderNearly a million species of insects, living and extinct, have been scientifically described. These have been placed in thousands of genera, but were groupe

The Universe Is Expanding Faster Than We Expected, And We Have Absolutely No Idea WhyThe expansion of the universe is a well-known and demonstrable fact, but how fast it’s expanding has become a hotly debated topic in the last few years. Ac

Two Enormous Objects Collided In Space 466 Million Years AgoScientists have found evidence that many of the meteorites that are rare on Earth today may once have been common, suggesting our Solar System is more unst

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Scientists Have Created An Entirely New Form Of Matter Called "Time Crystals"Scientists have developed 'time crystals', and while the name sounds like something from Doctor Who, they are very real, although they have nothing to do w

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New Crab Species Named After Severus SnapeHere’s one that’s sure to make philosophers groan (or sorcerers, for you Americans). A recently discovered crab species has been somewhat tenuously named i

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Asia's Wildlife Crisis Documented In Graphic PhotographsWarning: Contains images some might find distressing It’s no secret that a lot of the world’s wildlife is struggling. Among the many threats of deforestati

Lab Experiment Accidentally Gave Students Caffeine Dose Equal To 300 CoffeesA UK university is paying the price for a screw-up of heart-palpitating proportions after they gave two students a dose of caffeine equivalent to 300 cups

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Why UPS Drivers Don’t Ever Turn Left And You Probably Shouldn’t EitherIt might seem strange, but UPS delivery vans don’t always take the shortest route between stops. The company gives each driver a specific route to follow a

April Fergus because accountants are interested in numbersSe oversættelseSynes godt om · · 30. januar kl. 22:58

Website That Tracked Fake Science Journals Has Suddenly VanishedA website that has kept track of publications falsely claiming to be peer reviewed has vanished, and many scientists are alarmed. In recent years pseudo-pe

An Enormous Mysterious Crack Just Opened Up In The Middle Of The Arizona DesertA recent geological survey revealed a two-mile-long crack in the Arizona desert. Check out the video above for footage.

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How LSD Could Change The WorldBehind the tie-dyed wave of rebellion that swirled across the US in the 1960s were a test tube, a Bunsen burner, and a periodic table. In the hands of two

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What Happens If You Put Red Hot Steel On A Frozen Lake?The curious duo from the world-renowned Hydraulic Press Channel have brought their destructive tendencies to another project called Beyond the Press. Just

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Two Baby Girls Have Been Cured Of Leukemia By Genetically Engineered T-CellsThe world may be in a dark place right now, but science is providing plenty of light to fight off the shadows. Take the case of two babies that have just b

Doomsday Clock Moves 30 Seconds Closer To MidnightThe Doomsday Clock has rung in 2017, and it is two-and-a-half minutes to midnight. The symbolic timepiece – where midnight represents our species’ destruct

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According To Bill Gates, Something Deadly Is ComingAccording to Bill Gates, humanity could be in big trouble.

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Human-Pig Chimera Embryos Have Been CreatedThe world is a little closer to one of the ethical dilemmas we have put off thinking about. Embryos have been produced combining DNA from pigs and humans t

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Many More Scientific Twitter Pages Have Gone "Rogue" In Defiance Of Trump AdministrationScience is under attack. The dark forces of anti-intellectualism have taken power, and one by one, various federal research agencies are being silenced, ba

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You Can Finally See The World's Finest Uncut OpalFor the first time in decades, one of the world’s most beautiful uncut opal stones has been taken out of its dusty safe and put on display for the public t

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Watch What Happens When This Stick Man Is Splashed With WaterWith a splash of water, this doodled stick man appears to come to life until it subsequently swirls into a rippling mess. Believe it or not, the video repo

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The Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Reveals The People's Choice AwardA select team of judges have chosen the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards from London’s Natural History Museum (NHM), but now the crowd have spoken

One Of The National Park Service's Twitter Accounts Just Went RoguePresident Trump never likes it when you call anything of his “small.” We’re all uncomfortably aware of what happened when he was accused of having small ha…/firestorm-over-supposed-gag…Se oversættelseSynes godt om · · 28. januar kl. 07:58

Trump Administration Orders Communications Blackout For US ScientistsScience and reason are up for one hell of a fight under the Trump administration. We now live in the Orwellian world of “alternative facts”, which are like

Carl Sagan Seems To Have Predicted The Rise Of Donald Trump 20 Years AgoFor many, 2016 was a year to forget – a year when people eschewed the views of somehow maligned “experts” in favor of soundbites and populist rhetoric. If

Trump Just Signed An Executive Order Reviving The Keystone XL And Dakota Access Oil PipelinesIf there was any confusion before about President Trump’s stance on the environment, there certainly isn’t now. In his first week in office, he has rolled

Trump Has Ordered A "Freeze" On All Grants And Contracts At The Environmental Protection AgencyThe new Trump administration has ordered a “freeze” on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants and contracts. Scientists have been left struggling to

What's The Deadliest Animal In Australia?Australia has the reputation of a country full of animals that want you dead. But while you might expect that it's snakes more than anything else you have

Watch Dubai's New Squad Of Aquatic Jetpack FirefightersOnce only the domain of viral videos, Dubai has come up with a novel use for “Aquatic Jetpacks” to help battle their city’s blazing fires. The Dubai Civil

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Bronze Dildos And Jade Butt Plugs Show Life And Death In Ancient ChinaLife during ancient China's Han dynasty (206 BCE to 220 CE) appears to have constantly swayed between the strangely familiar and the oddly eccentric, as th

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Here's What Life Will Be Like In 2022, According To IBMIBM – using either a TARDIS, DeLorean, or just a bunch of clever people in a room – has come up with some predictions for the year 2022. The appropriately

Enormous Skittles Accident Reveals Bizarre Cow ConspiracyBefore we begin, a disclaimer. We are almost certain that this is not a fake news story. Good. Now that’s out of the way, we can reveal to you that there i

Roman British Skeleton Buried Face Down With Mutilated Tongue Puzzles ArchaeologistsFrom the guy that fell into a Yellowstone hot spring and dissolved, to the man who was killed by his bagpipes, death is often found alongside the bizarre a

Is Eating Burnt Toast A Cancer Risk?Authorities in the UK have issued new advice that suggests people should cook bread, chips, and potatoes so that they are a golden-yellow color, and not br

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The Awkward Truth About PsychopathsManipulative, callous, and intelligent: This is how most people think of psychopaths. But are they really as clever as we assume? It seems that new researc
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Terrifyingly Enormous Otter Fossils Discovered In ChinaResearchers have uncovered the remains of a giant otter in China that when alive would have been comparable to the size of a wolf. The fossils belong to a

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A Long-Lost Dark Age Kingdom Has Been Rediscovered In ScotlandOnce upon a time in Britain, shortly after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, barbarians swept the lands and chaos reigned. Kingdoms quickly rose before

What Caused The Mysterious Tunguska Event Of 1908?The Tunguska event of June 1908 is one of the most heavily referenced “unexplained” events of the 20th century. It comes up in both fiction and in reality

Mike Pence, The US Vice President, Has Said He Doesn't Believe That Smoking KillsMike Pence, the vice president-elect of the US, has said he doesn't believe smoking kills people. He made that case in an op-ed article published in 2000 a

Chernobyl Set To Become Gigantic Solar Power ParkThe 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl in Pripyat, Ukraine, was by far the worst disaster in the history of the planet. Although there’s no doubt that nucl

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Study Suggests One-Fifth Of The Population May Have Experienced This Sensory PhenomenonSome people experience a crossover in senses. Known as synesthesia, it can manifest as 'seeing' music in colors, or 'tasting' words. Typically thought to b

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Why You Should Eat Red Hot Chili PeppersSome like it hot, and others might have to learn to like it, according to a new study in the US that has found those who regularly include red hot chili pe

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How A 'Star In A Jar' Could Power The World On Renewable Energy ForeverInside our Sun, hydrogen is constantly being converted into helium, producing a tremendous amount of energy – enough to heat the planets, melt comets, and godt om · · 30. januar kl. 16:12Skriv en kommentar …

Find Out How Much Big Pharma Drug Companies Are Paying Your DoctorThere is a governmental website where you’re free to search how much money pharmaceutical companies are giving to doctors in the US. Simply by searching a

Secret Tunnel Discovered Under Ancient Mayan TempleThe depths of the Mexican rainforest are giving up even more secrets of their ancient past. At the Mayan site of Palenque – where a complex of buildings, p

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What Would Happen If Every Single Nuke In The World Went Off At The Same Time?Have any of you seen the movie Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb)? It’s a classic film, one that satirizes the nuclear a

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You Can Now Listen To The Song Of The UniverseThe old adage, courtesy of Ridley Scott, is that in space nobody can hear you scream. But in reality, what you can or cannot hear in space is all a matter

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Trump Administration Removes All References To Climate Change From White House Website'The requested page '/energy/climate-change' could not be found.” The instant President Trump took the oath of office on Friday, an information page about

This GIF Shows What A Baby Can See Every Month For The First Year Of Its LifeDespite being able to appreciate art, fake cry and understand basic physics, it takes infants years to see clearly. Mr Romesh Angunawela — a consultant eye

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These Are All The Federal Science Programs That Will Be Cut Under TrumpTraditional American conservative politicians are somewhat obsessed with shrinking the size of the federal government. Donald Trump – a populist more than


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Plans For World’s First 'Floating City' To Be Built In The Pacific In Two Years' TimeOnce the realm of sci-fi and fantasy, futuristic living suddenly seems to be approaching rather fast. In a time when hoverboards and self-lacing sneakers e

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Wild Orangutan Slaps Guy Trying To Take A Selfie With HimEven in its fluffiest and cutest form, nature is indifferent and unforgiving, especially when it comes to your selfies. Case in point: This wild orangutan

This Map Tells You Your Chances Of Being Vaporized By An Atomic BombWe hate to get all melodramatic on you, but there’s one or two 'larger than life' personalities who have just ascended to power (in case you missed the new

Incoming Secretary Of Energy Rick Perry Only Just Learned What The Department Of Energy DoesOh dear, Rick Perry’s back in the news. If you are lucky enough to not know who this is, then it falls to us to introduce you to him. This is the man who i

NASA Releases Incredible Images To Show How Earth Has Changed In Just 30 YearsNASA has released a new series of images that show the remarkable way the world has changed over the last 30 years. The agency has long been using satellit

We Could Be The SECOND Type Of Complex Life To Have Evolved On EarthComplex life on Earth is generally thought to have appeared at least 1.75 billion years ago. But a new study suggests there may have been an earlier period


Coldest Temperature In The Universe Created In American LaboratoryWhat’s the best way to cool something down? Stick it in the refrigerator, right? Well, this may work for a half-eaten sandwich or some delicious, nutritiou

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Solar Employs More People Than Oil, Coal, And Gas Combined In The USA new report from the US Department of Energy is going to make the argument that green energy isn’t good for the economy a little harder for the incoming W

Billie Martz

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Here's A List Of All The Science That Donald Trump DeniesBy the end of the year, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the President-elect of the United States of America. Frankly, the idea that Donald T oversættelseSynes godt om · · 1 · 25. januar kl. 16:02

Jonathan SimardSynes godt om · · 27. januar kl. 16:26Skriv en kommentar …

Blonde-Haired Moth With Small Genitals Named After Donald TrumpWith just a few days until the White House gets rebranded with a big fat gold-plated “TRUMP” logo, the Donald has received the honor of having a new specie

Cristi Anna TriaSynes godt om · · 1 · 27. januar kl. 22:15

Why Do You So Sneeze When You Look At The Sun?Have you left a dark movie theater on a sunny day and fallen into an unexpected fit of sneezes? If so, you’re not alone. A surprisingly large number of peo

Joshua KerstenSynes godt om · · 29. januar kl. 17:52Skriv en kommentar …

Last Year Was The Hottest Year On Record For The Third Time In A RowAfter performing independent analyses, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have both announced that 2016 was the hottest…

Stan GabrukSynes godt om · · 26. januar kl. 01:40Skriv en kommentar …

Scientists Have Invented Real-Life Sonic ScrewdriversWhen it comes to science, harnessing energy is arguably what humanity does best. We often focus on the rather remarkable way we can redirect light, for exa

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This Is What Radiation From Chernobyl Is Doing To Wild Boar In The Czech RepublicAuthorities in the Czech Republic have warned that wild boar in the southwest of the country are still so highly contaminated with radioactivity after Cher

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Jakub ŽákSynes godt om · · 24. januar kl. 02:14Skriv en kommentar …

12 Million Pages Of CIA Files Have Just been Dumped OnlineThe Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has just put over 12 million pages of declassified documents online for your viewing pleasure. The mass of documents,

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