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apps i medicinøøø Smartphones are revolutionizing medicineøøø Smartphones are revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, thanks to add-ons and apps that make their ubiquitous small screens into medical devices, researchers say.

astma og gærsvampeøøø Yeast found in babies' guts increases risk of asthmaøøø Microbiologists have found a yeast in the gut of new babies in Ecuador that appears to be a strong predictor that they will develop asthma in childhood. The new research furthers our understanding of the role microscopic organisms play in our overall health.

biobotøøø How to build a bio-bot: Researchers share design and development of biological machinesøøø Creating tiny muscle-powered robots that can walk or swim by themselves—or better yet, when prompted—is more complicated than it looks.

dopamin og parringøøø How humans bond: The brain chemistry revealedøøø In a new study, researchers found for the first time that the neurotransmitter dopamine is involved in human bonding, bringing the brain's reward system into our understanding of how we form human attachments. The results, based on a study with 19 mother-infant pairs, have important implications for therapies addressing postpartum depression as well as disorders of the dopamine system such as Park

D-vitamin og colitisøøø Low level vitamin D during remission contributes to relapse in ulcerative colitis patientsøøø Lower levels of vitamin D in the blood increase the risk of clinical relapse in patients with Ulcerative Colitis (UC), an inflammatory bowel disease that causes long-lasting inflammation and ulcers in the colon, a new study has found.

fiskeri og klimaændringerøøø Smart reforms key to global fish recovery, even with climate changeøøø New Research finds that climate change will cause dramatic impacts in the world's fisheries, but with effective management most fisheries could yield more fish and more prosperity, even with a changing climate.

gensplejsning og fødevarerøøø Gene editing can complement traditional food-animal improvementsøøø Animal scientist say that gene editing — following in the footsteps of traditional breeding — has tremendous potential to boost the sustainability of livestock production, while also enhancing food-animal health and welfare.

honningbiers evolutionøøø Honey bee genetics sheds light on bee originsøøø Where do honey bees come from? A new study clears some of the fog around honey bee origins. The work could be useful in breeding bees resistant to disease or pesticides.

høns avler sjældne arterøøø Egg-free surrogate chickens produced in bid to save rare breedsøøø Hens that do not produce their own chicks have been developed for use as surrogates to lay eggs from rare breeds. The advance — using gene-editing techniques — could help to boost breeding of endangered birds, as well as improving production of commercial hens, researchers say.

høretab ny årsag fundetøøø Second cause of hidden hearing loss identifiedøøø Some people can pass a hearing test but have trouble understanding speech in a noisy environment. New research identifies a new mechanism for this condition just years after its discovery.

mikro-RNA og kræftbehandling af leverkræftøøø Micro-RNA may amplify effectiveness of sorafenib in difficult liver cancer casesøøø Only 25% of patients respond to sorafenib treatment, so researchers have endeavored to understand its mechanism of action and discover a way to boost its effectiveness.

personlig terapi mod kræftøøø Doctors treat deadly cancerous disorders with gene-guided, targeted therapyøøø Genomic testing of biopsies from patients with deadly, treatment-resistant cancerous blood syndromes called histiocytoses allowed doctors to identify genes fueling the ailments and use targeted molecular drugs to successfully treat them. Researchers recommend the regular use of comprehensive genomic profiling at diagnosis to positively impact clinical care.

sandheder og løgneøøø Communications expert explains how science should respond to fake newsøøø The rise of fake news has dominated the world of politics since the last U.S. election cycle. But fake news is not at all new in the world of science .

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