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web conferencing software.

1. Zoom (

reviews of Zoom on TrustRadius.

Offering screen sharing and the ability to record and share meetings for people unable to attend.  The UI is intuitive. Individuals can meet for private discussions in the midst of a conference and then rejoin the group when ready. The chat box is convenient and easy to use. Clarity of connection. Option of upgrading to Pro, Business, or Enterprise. Some users experience issues with audio clarity on occasion.

Skype vs Zoom,  Zoom is rated higher for audience collaboration features, such as audience polling and Q&A, which Skype does not provide in its free version.

2. Skype

Skype Free version good for small businesses with less than 20 employees. TrustRadius scorecard marks for performance and capability, audio quality, security. Upgrading to Skype for Business allows for meetings with up to 250 users. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Users have reported a few difficulties with screen sharing in the free versionVideo calls and instant messaging easy for small businesses.

3. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts may be the simplest video chatting service to implement. This TrustRadius review easy tool for novices to use. It integrates with Google Docs and Sheets so sharing documents is fast and straightforward. Each Hangouts session can host up to 10 people on a video call, and you can sync your chats from device to device, across Android, IOS, and the web.

Drawback :  joining a session more complicated for users who are not already Google+ members. .

4.  makes joining remote meetings easy with personalized meeting URLs. Simple new user setup. No large plug-in installation. One-click screen sharing. File transfer. 10 whiteboards for IOS users.

The free version allows for only 3 meeting participants. Upgrading to Pro or Business versions allow 50 and 250 participants respectively. Upgrading has recording capabilities, a meeting scheduler, background customization, unlimited audio with international conference lines, and many other features. The free version of might be a fitting alternative to Google Hangouts if you have a small team of non-Google users, but some reviewers find the UI a bit laggy despite consider it easy to use.

5. AnyMeeting

Reviews of AnyMeeting: Software's straightforward features. Simple sign-up process and user-friendly interface. HD video and phone conferencing. Screen sharing. Video sharing. Recording. This user review: Easy to promote people to presenters and demote them as needed. Supports images and bios from Linkedin profiles. You can take meeting notes. Upload documents to for sharing. You can also promote your event on Facebook and Twitter through Anymeeting, and there's connectivity to leading email marketing and CRM platforms.

One reviewer notes: Advertisements in the free version. Upgrade for advanced meeting and webinar features.


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