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    • ZIKA VIRUS: How we know Zika virus causes Guillain-Barre Syndrome and birth defectsæææ A structured analysis of the evidence confirms that infection with mosquito-borne Zika virus is a cause of the neurological disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), in addition to microcephaly and other congenital brain abnormalities, according to a systematic review.**ææææææ

zikavirus – immunsystem beskytteræææ Immune molecule protects against Zika virus infection in animal modelsA molecule naturally produced by the immune system protects mice and monkeys against Zika virus infection, an international team of researchers has found. Administering the molecule, called 25-hydroxycholesterol or 25HC, to pregnant mice reduced Zika virus infection in the fetal brain and protected against Zika-induced microcephaly.ææææææ
New findings detail structure of immature Zika virus Researchers have determined the high-resolution structure of immature Zika virus, a step toward better understanding how the virus infects host cells and spreads.ææææææ
New findings detail structure of immature Zika virusResearchers have determined the high-resolution structure of immature Zika virus,a step toward better understanding how the virus infects host cells and spreads.ææææææ
New findings detail structure of immature Zika virusResearchers have determined the high-resolution structure of immature Zika virus,a step toward better understanding how the virus infects host cells and spreads.ææææææ
Zika – 35 myggearter kan sprede virusset æææZika may be spread by 35 species of mosquitoes, researchers sayæææZika may be spread by as many as 35 species of mosquitoes, including seven found in the United States, according to a predictive model created by University of Georgia ecologists and published Tuesday in the journal, eLife.ææææææ
zika – bekæmpelse af myg med mikroRNA æææResearchers aim to disrupt egg production in dengue- and Zika-spreading mosquitoæææThe mosquito Aedes aegypti, which can spread dengue fever, chikungunya, Zika fever, and yellow fever virus, requires a blood meal to develop eggs. One way to control the spread of these diseases is to tamper with the reproductive events that follow this mosquito's blood meal. A team of scientists has explored this at the molecular level. They focused on microRNAs, which play a critical role in mosææææææ
zika – forskning i vaccine æææTo Test Zika Vaccines, Scientists Need A New OutbreakæææIt's a bit of a paradox, but researchers say they need Zika virus to re-emerge this year so they can test vaccines designed to defeat it.ææææææ
zika – forskning i vaccine æææFeverish Sprint for a Zika Vaccine Faces a Strange Hurdle this SummeræææNo one wants active viral outbreaks—but researchers need them to make sure vaccinations workææææææ
zika – hvordan virusset ændrer celler æææSee how Zika infection changes a human cellæææThe Zika virus taking hold of the inner organelles of human liver and neural stem cells has been captured via light and electron microscopy. In Cell Reports on February 28, researchers in Germany show how the African and Asian strains of Zika rearrange the endoplasmic reticulum and cytoskeletal architecture of host cells so that they can build factories where they make daughter viruses. The studyææææææ
zika – software-redskab til at følge virusudbrud æææOpen Science Prize goes to software tool for tracking viral outbreaksæææAfter three rounds of competition—one of which involved a public vote—a software tool developed by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Basel to track Zika, Ebola and other viral disease outbreaks in real time has won the first-ever international Open Science Prize.ææææææ
zika – virus kan spredes af flere myggearter æææMore mosquito species than previously thought may transmit ZikaæææZika virus could be transmitted by more mosquito species than those currently known, according to a new predictive model created by ecologists.ææææææ
zika i canadiske turisteræææ Zika virus in Canadian travelers more severe than expectedA new study sheds light on the acquisition and features of Zika virus in Canadian travelers, indicating it was as commonly confirmed as dengue in people returning from the Americas and the Caribbean but more severe than expected, according to a new study.ææææææ
zikavirus – gør immuncellerne blinde æææZika virus blindfolds immune alarm cellsæææDendritic cells are 'sentinel' cells that alert the rest of the immune system when they detect viral infection. When Zika virus infects them, it shuts down interferon signaling, one route for mustering the antiviral troops. However, another antiviral pathway called RIG-I-like receptor (RLR) signaling is left intact and could be a target for immunity-boosting therapies.ææææææ
zikavirus – om mulig vaccine mod Zika-virus æææNy zika-vaccine lover godt efter test på dyrForskere håber at være kommet på sporet af en vaccine, der kan eliminere risikoen for den frygtede virusinfektion zika.ææææææ
zikavirus – årsag til at de skader fosteret æææBirth Defects Rise Twentyfold in Mothers With Zika, C.D.C. SaysæææThe agency estimated that 60 of every 1,000 pregnancies involved some type of severe defect caused by infections from the mosquito-borne virus.ææææææ
zikavirus – årsag til at de skader fosteret æææScientists find clue to why Zika, but not its close relatives, causes birth defectsThe most frightening aspect of Zika virus has been its ability to produce severe fetal birth defects during pregnancy, especially microcephaly—a small head. Now, scientists have uncovered the details behind the virus’s unique ability to cross the placental barrier and expose the fetus to a range of birth defects that often go beyond microcephaly to include eye and joint injury, and even other typeææææææ
zikavirus – årsag til at de skader fosteret æææScientists uncover how Zika virus causes microcephalyæææA multidisciplinary team has uncovered the mechanisms that the Zika virus uses to alter brain development, outlines a new report.ææææææ
zikavirus – årsag til at de skader fosteret æææZika may cause miscarriages, thin brain tissue in babies carried to termæææIn early pregnancy in mice with complete immune systems, Zika virus can cross the placenta — intended to protect the developing fetus — and appears to lead to a high percentage of miscarriages and to babies born with thin brain tissue and inflammation in brain cells, report scientists.ææææææ

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